It's called many names. And it takes many forms. Advertising, branding, awareness campaigns, social marketing, cause marketing, social media marketing, non-profit marketing. We do it all, in every medium.

Social Marketing

Working on issues as diverse as health, poverty, the environment and international development, Manifest works with organizations and governments to achieve social change for social good.

Sometimes that takes the form of an awareness campaign to educate or bring attention to your cause. Sometimes it's a website or social media strategy to engage supporters and volunteers. Sometimes it's finding the right corporate partner to achieve something great together. Sometimes it's an advocacy program to bring critical stakeholders to the table focused on policy change. Sometimes it's all of these things and more. Plus, in addition to our work with clients, we develop our own social marketing initiatives on issues where we believe we can make a real difference.

Cause Marketing

Brands no longer live only by the products and services they offer, but by the values they stand for in the eyes of customers. Manifest provides a specialized service to corporate brands that matches you with the right cause and non-profit partners to make a difference - both to your business and to the world.

Our process includes a thorough strategic review of your business offering, values, customers and objectives paired with a thorough competitive review. After a recommended cause is chosen, we develop a plan to elevate your brand to a leadership position on the issue. We use our exhaustive knowledge of the non-profit landscape to bring the right partners to the table. And using the full scope of our creative resources, we bring your cause to life by engaging the public and your employees, resulting in maximum impact to your business and to the people who will ultimately benefit.


Traditional advocacy has a bad name. And a poor track record. Too often advocacy campaigns are angry, negative and have largely been driven by protest against one policy of another. By and large, they haven't been very effective.

Manifest's approach is different and highly effective. We focus on solutions. And by doing so we help our clients to generate a positive, constructive, collaborative conversation about the future we all share and what we need to do together to make it better.

Most important, the Manifest approach works. Strategies and campaigns we've developed for professional and business associations, charitable organizations and coalitions have had a direct impact in shaping public and corporate policy. And in creating new working relationships to translate policy into reality.

Need a new way of addressing an old challenge? Or a new way to of acting to get the powers that be to come to the table? Great. We're ready when you are.



To change beliefs and behaviour, to rally people around an issue, to influence government or other stakeholders, or to get a country all pulling together for an important cause…you have to truly know your starting point. We dig deep to understand the core attitudes and motivations driving people to act. It's how we understand what it will take to get them to change. Our approach to research incorporates a range of tools including focus groups, surveys, consultations, social media monitoring, literature reviews, communication audits, competitor audits, issue audits as well as marketplace audits.


If research captures, strategy enables us to create a different future. Our strategic planning is the process of turning research into insights, and then, into big ideas. All our communication and creative is based on this crucial roadmap for your issue and your brand. Our iterative approach then allows us to create implementation plans to determine how best to make these insights and ideas live in the world for the most impact with your audience. It's how we get social change to happen.

Social Branding/Design

A brand lives in many places. A logo. A tagline. Signage. Stationery. Branding guidelines. A brand has to convey who you are and what you stand for through all these. Using a rigorous process that determines the needs of the brand and the audience to develop a strong creative strategy, we build branding that's more than pretty pictures.


TV. Outdoor. Print. Radio. Digital. Ambient. All can play a part in changing behaviour or creating a movement. By understanding your target, their media habits and the goals of the campaign, we determine the most effective way to move the needle on your issue. Then our strategic planners and creative teams jump into action to develop communication that moves an issue to a level of understanding and action.


Websites. Online advertising. Mobile sites and mobile marketing. Paid search. SEO. Analytics. There's a lot to consider in developing a digital strategy. We'll work closely with you to determine how best to use the digital space to advance your cause. At the same time, we keep a close eye on emerging technologies to ensure our strategists, tech team, designers and developers keep our clients current in the digital space.

Social Media

Facebook. Twitter. YouTube. Blogs. Communities. Apps. Social media monitoring. Using these influential channels and tools, non-profits and cause marketers have the chance to start conversations, stir up passions and open wallets like never before. We'll help you navigate the landscape and develop a strategy and roadmap with the right creative tools that you can manage, or we can manage for you.