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Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association – Housing Opens Doors

About This Project

Over 156,000 Ontario households are on the affordable housing waiting list. That’s about 400,000 people who don’t have a safe, secure and affordable place to call home. Despite those numbers, affordable housing just isn’t on key decision makers’ minds the way issues like education, healthcare or the economy are.


Our mission was to demonstrate that affordable housing is too important to ignore. So we created an idea to invite people to see one simple truth: That affordable housing is the home of all issues – from education to healthcare to the economy and just about any other social issue you can name.  And, that if Ontario is to get its house in order, we needed to get our housing in order. We created a touring interactive installation of doors that showed just how affordable housing is linked to every major social issue. Housing Opens Doors toured cities in key political ridings across Ontario. We also provided a way for people to show their concern that affordable housing wasn’t getting the attention it deserved simply by ringing a doorbell.


What did we change? We got 79,272 of our rings of support from concerned Ontarians across the province and ONPHA was able to use the publicity created by Housing Opens Doors to start a new conversation about affordable housing with all levels of government.