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Rideau Hall Foundation – Dare2Give

About This Project

Aside from wanting to make a difference, one of the main reasons for people to give is being asked by someone people know.  In fact, 55% of Canadians say that the key reason they give is because they are asked.


Our Dare2Give challenge called on givers to ask non-givers to have a “giving moment” with them.  By getting current givers to help others have a giving moment with them, we also helped remove a key barrier to giving – not knowing where or how to do it.  Also, when people dared someone to give, they had a chance a win amazing rewards for their charity of choice (e.g., free television PSA; social media training).


What did we change?  More than 165,000 Canadians were “dared” to give – surpassing our goal of 100,000.  Those who saw the challenge, were three times more likely to ask others to give back with them too.