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Kids Help Phone – Find Your Voice

About This Project

Teens turn to Kids Help Phone for big issues like suicide and abuse. However, most weren’t looking to them for support for more “regular” issues like bullying, dating and school stress.  To complicate matters, kids don’t like to reach out for help on these kinds of issues and want to solve them on their own.


We created Find Your Voice to give teens a chance to do something they already enjoy doing – lip-sync their favourite songs and bits of movie dialogue. But in this case, they’d be doing it to cathartically express how they feel towards their daily stresses like “what song would you sing about exam stress?” or “what would you say to support a friend being bullied?”.


What did we change? Kids Help Phone started a very different type of conversation with their target and it worked — outreach to their online chat room increased by 32%.  That’s a lot more voices heard and helped.