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Grenfell Campus – Find Your Corner

About This Project

Students that go to Grenfell are creative, clever, adventurous, community-minded seekers and do’ers of every kind.  Grenfell offers the freedom and support they need to discover their “thing”.


Our campaign called on students to “Find their Corner” at Grenfell by featuring Grenfell students and faculty emblazoned with unique “ER” labels – challenger, shaker, muser, and more.  They campaign captured the energy and spirit of the place, and the people who learn and teach there.


What did we change?  The video alone was viewed over 142,000 times on YouTube with no paid media.  Better yet, more students than ever before were interested in attending Grenfell with a 29.5% increase in website visits from outside Canada and a 22.5% increase from across Canada.