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Stop Hating Online, Cyberbullying Campaign

About This Project


The Challenge

Rehtaeh Parsons. Amanda Todd and Jamie Hubley. Three names that most Canadians know, but for all the wrong reasons. All three were cyberbullied and made the tragic decision to take their own lives. Motivated by the struggles of these youth and the thousands more across the country, the Government of Canada introduced legislation to help reduce the incidence of cyberbullying.

The campaign included television, cinema ads, and a digital experience called #WordsHurt that tapped into the insight that Internet anonymity makes it easy for people to say things they would never say to someone’s face. The online experience let youth experience first-hand how words can hurt someone else online.  We also created a website aimed at parents, teachers, coaches, counsellors and teens that helped them better understand how to take action.


The breakthrough campaign far surpassed all launch goals and overall web traffic increased by 544%.  #WordsHurt received tremendous media coverage and a Webby Award. Most importantly, 69% of those who recalled seeing the ad claimed they were less likely to cyberbully; and, 87% claimed they were more likely to try and stop others from cyberbullying.