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Aga Khan Foundation Canada – Together

About This Project

While the vast majority of Canadians believe that international development is important, they also feel helpless in the face of so much need and don’t know what they can do to make a difference.


We created a public education theme, wordmark and website to help foster new and deeper levels of engagement and support for sustainable global development, especially among younger Canadians.  We uncovered that while past generations defined themselves as “supporters” of international development, millennials define themselves by what they can do in “partnership” with their friends both here at home and around the world.  Building on this insight, we created “Together” – a rallying cry that taps into a growing understand that we are all global citizens and that real, lasting change happens when we call come together to affect global poverty.  The theme is also expressed in the design of the wordmark—using bright colours showcasing diversity and the slight overlapping of letters to illustrate the powerful impact of togetherness.


What did we change? The “Together” brand is a connector for all AKFC’s public and stakeholder engagement activities – from a new microsite we created to promote a cross-Canada travelling exhibit to an international speaker’s series to its community-based walks and fundraisers.