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31 May St. Joseph’s Health Centre – Promise

Toronto’s west end is a vibrant community.  While residents are fiercely proud of all it has to offer themselves and their families, they don't necessarily see St. Joe’s as a key player in creating a healthy, vibrant west end.   As part of the Foundation’s $70 million campaign,...

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24 Feb Covenant House – Just Like A Girl You Know

Sex trafficking is a growing scourge here in Toronto. Teenage girls as young as 11 are being lured by young males posing as “boyfriends” and trapping them into sex slavery.  But who knew this was happening right here in our own backyard to local, school-going girls?   To...

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23 Feb Kids Help Phone – Find Your Voice

Teens turn to Kids Help Phone for big issues like suicide and abuse. However, most weren’t looking to them for support for more “regular” issues like bullying, dating and school stress.  To complicate matters, kids don’t like to reach out for help on these kinds...

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02 Feb Aga Khan Foundation Canada – Together

While the vast majority of Canadians believe that international development is important, they also feel helpless in the face of so much need and don’t know what they can do to make a difference.   We created a public education theme, wordmark and website to help foster...

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02 Feb Ontario Dental Association

While most Ontarians agree that taking care of their teeth is very important, too many people don’t see their dentist regularly. As a result, they can end up with painful, costly oral health problems that could have been detected and treated earlier.   We took a light-hearted...

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02 Feb Good Shepherd – Faith in People

Today, one in five Hamiltonians live in poverty, and more and more people are relying on social services that ever before.  Despite the rising numbers, people who use social services are often thought of and depicted as needy, suffering and desperate.   We created a campaign that...

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02 Feb Grenfell Campus – Find Your Corner

Students that go to Grenfell are creative, clever, adventurous, community-minded seekers and do’ers of every kind.  Grenfell offers the freedom and support they need to discover their “thing”.   Our campaign called on students to “Find their Corner” at Grenfell by featuring Grenfell students and faculty emblazoned...

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02 Feb Inspire – Indigenous Education, Canada’s Future

While the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation was respected for its work, particularly as it relates to celebrating achievement, there was growing frustration around what makes achievement possible: education.  That too many Indigenous youth are being left behind due to the lack of education.  Research also...

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