Mark Sarner - Manifest Communications
We’re Manifest Communications, a social change agency in Toronto. We know that amazing ideas have the power to create real social change.
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“It is more important to understand the patient that has the disease than the disease that has the patient.”

— Attributed to a number of people including William Osler and Samuel Johnson


Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, English Literature, York University


Founder. As such I have two essential roles:

To be the eminence gris here, offering the benefit of forty years’ experience on social change to Manifesters working at the rock face of current societal issues and challenges our clients are addressing.

To apply all I know in working in partnership with Greta to consult directly with a select number of clients on how to harness the power of ideas to advocate for policy change essential to institutionalizing greater good.


A compelling vision of what is possible. If we can look around and see what is and what isn’t; of we can look inside and see what we are and what we need to be; if we can look ahead and see what needs to happen and what we need to do to make it happen, then we will be in a position to create a change for the better.


What’s on your desk?

Files and files and files, each dedicated to a project past, present or future. Customized Manifest notepads designed to capture thoughts, ideas, and action plans. Pens. Two Rolodexes.(Yes, I am a Luddite.) And, of course, my computer and my phone (Which hardly ever rings with incoming calls.)

Most used file/application.


What’s on your nightstand?

The World Is Flat by Tom Friedman.(Just getting to it now.) Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. (Surprised at how underwhelmed I am by the most popular novel of all time.) A Serious Call by Don Coles. Overwhelmed by the power of this poetry, even as I read this book for the fifth time.)

Favourite Food

Ribeye. ( I know it shouldn’t be but it is.).

Favourite Film

A tie: The Big Lebowski and Brother Where Art Thou?. Both from the Coen Brothers. Together, they are a genius. Also love Mon Oncle D’Amerique.

Favourite Album

The Essential Leonard Cohen. He’s my man.