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Cause Marketing: Stella goes for the holy grail

24 Apr Cause Marketing: Stella goes for the holy grail

It’s hard not to turn on the television or scroll through your social feed without seeing a cause marketing campaign these days. With more than 80% of Canadians saying that it is critical for companies to make consumers aware of their community investment efforts, it would appear the corporate world is listening.

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to share some cause marketing campaigns that stand out to the team here at Manifest.  We’ll also share some key lessons learned.

Helping Solve The Global Water Crisis | Buy A Lady A Drink | Stella Artois 

The issue:  Too many women in the developing world spend too much time collecting water each and every day.

The ask:  Buy a special edition chalice and help deliver five years of clean drinking water to women in the developing world.

Why it works:

  • Really tight brand alignment – water is vital to Stella and to the world
  • Clear outcome – 1 chalice = 5 years clean drinking water
  • Beautiful creative – Stella knows how to make you feel; we especially love the “beauty pour” of water in the spot
  • Provides hope – doesn’t focus on the problem, rather the solution
  • Modern chivalry – Stella has always been a charismatic brand and they can pull off the line “buy a lady a drink” like no other; if Budweiser tried this, they wouldn’t be able to do so with such authenticity and chivalry

What it could do better:

  • Make it easier for me to engage – it took 9 clicks to finally arrive at a point where we could buy a chalice. There will likely be really high drop off here if they don’t make it easier for people to participate.
  • Don’t lose me in the transaction – we wanted to support a charitable endeavour but along the way ended up feeling like we were buying a beer (and was twice asked to enter proof of age).

What do you think?  We’d welcome your thoughts and comments too.

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