Andrea Donlan - Manifest Communications
We’re Manifest Communications, a social change agency in Toronto. We know that amazing ideas have the power to create real social change.
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President & CEO

“When you decide what your Big Dream is, you’ll be bursting with enthusiasm and want to share it with everybody. Most everybody will give you one of those ‘OK, that’s nice, now please pass the ketchup’ looks. Some will scoff, suggesting that whatever your Big Dream is, it’s too big for you. And a select few will whisper words of encouragement. My advice is this: Pass the ketchup. Ignore the scoffers. And remember those words of encouragement ‘cause they’re the only ones that matter.”

— Kermit the Frog


International Management, Copenhagen Business School

B. Comm, Commerce, University of Ottawa


President and CEO. My job is to inspire our staff to put their whole self forward each and every day. To not just show up to work. But to show up and do amazing work to drive meaningful social change for our clients each and every day. I’m also responsible for finding us great clients to work with.


Wonder Woman. I want people to wonder more….to wonder “what if we tried it this way?”. When you think differently, when you are curious and filled with wonderment, amazing things can happen.


What’s on your desk?

20 years of social change best practices, reports, case studies, facts and figures, alongside a cup of tea, a sparkly tiara and my weekly to-do list.

Most used file/application

Outlook. Some days I get over 300 emails so I’m always online.

What’s on your nightstand?

Whatever book I’m reading this week, my iPhone (yes, I know I shouldn’t sleep with it), and a painting I did years ago to remind me I need to start painting again.

Favourite Food


Favourite Film

American History X
Stand By Me

Favourite Album

U2 – Joshua Tree (still remember listening to it for the first time in grade 7 on a Walkman and still love it just as much today…I guess it was Bono that inspired my social change roots at a such a young age)